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San Bernardino County

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San Bernardino County Healthy Cities Initiative  At A Glance Population: 2,035,210 Median Income: $53,364 Median Age: 31.9 years Key Fact The City of San Bernardino has the most elected officials of any city in California (7 council members + Mayor + Treasurer + City Attorney + City Clerk) Recent Projects & Initiatives Policy [...]

City of Ontario

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City of Ontario Healthy Cities Initiative Ontario At A Glance Population: 173,690 Median Income: $53,018 Median Age: 29 years old Key Fact The Gateway to Southern CA takes its name from the Ontario Model Colony development in 1882 by the Chaffey brothers, Canadian engineers, after their home province of Ontario, Canada. Current Projects [...]

City of Loma Linda

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City of Loma Linda Healthy Cities Initiative Loma Linda At A Glance Population – 23,296 (nearly triples during workdays) Median Income - $50,643 Median Age – 33.7 Key Facts - Known as a Blue Zone with commonly observed longevity exceeding 100 years - Healthy Loma Linda is housed in the Assistant City Manager's [...]

City of Glendale

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City of Glendale Healthy Cities Initiative Glendale Key Fact The Glendale Healthier Community Coalition (GHCC) is chaired by the Community Foundation of the Verdugos Executive Director and is supported by Glendale’s three hospitals (Glendale Adventist Medical Center, Glendale Memorial Hospital & Health Center, and USC Verdugo Hills Hospital). Glendale Adventist Medical Center is [...]

City of Murrieta

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City of Murrieta Healthy Cities Initiative Murrieta Recent Projects & Initiatives 1) Walk to the Moon Campaign - In January 2014, LLUMC - Murrieta will launch the Walk to the Moon campaign. Together, the communities of Southern Riverside County can walk the 238,900 miles to the moon. A culminating event will take place [...]

City of Upland

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City of Upland Healthy Cities Initiative Upland Recent Projects & Initiatives 1) Drafting the Health Element of the City's updated General Plan -Upland's Health Element will include all health-related programs and initiatives that are currently existing in the city. 2) Expanding our Get Fit programming into a more comprehensive policy-driven Healthy Upland initiative. [...]

City of Yucaipa

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City of Yucaipa Healthy Cities Initiative Yucaipa Recent Projects & Initiatives 1. Employee Wellness Program - This program is intended to service the employees of Yucaipa's businesses. It is currently being developed by the Healthy Yucaipa Committee, Community Services Department, and the Randall-Lewis Fellow, Viana Vidales. 2. Mile Markers on City Trails - [...]

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