City of Pomona
Healthy Cities Initiative Pomona

  • At A Glance

    Population: 149,058

    Median income: $48,973

    Median age: 29.5 years

    Key Fact

    Birthplace of Mark McGwire (73 home runs in 2001)

    Recent Projects & Initiatives

    Youth and Family Master Plan

    “Healthy Pomona” General Plan component

  • Fellows

    2013 – David Diaz Avelar, Claremont Graduate University

    2014-Shelby Rusu, University of Southern California

    2015- Jessica Chairez, Loma Linda University

    City Preceptor

    Andrea Rico

Fellow’s Posters


Shelby Rusu

Poster_Example_RLHPF-Rusu, Poster

Click link to download: RLHPF-Rusu, Poster

Jessica Chairez

Jessica Chairez


Click link to download: RLHPF-Chairez, Poster