City of Chino
Healthy Cities Initiative Chino

  • At A Glance

    Population: 80,164

    Median Income: $59,638

    Median Age: 33.2

    Key Facts

    The term Chino is often mentioned in music and television. The city has hosted the filming of movies such as “Back to the Future” and various car commercials at the Chino Airport.

    Mission Statement

    The Healthy Chino Coalition will increase healthy lifestyle options and the quality of life for our community.

    Past Projects & Initiatives

    Re-vitalize employee wellness program

    Expand the Healthy Chino Movement among local business

    Vending machines policy to include healthy options

    Recent Projects & Initiatives

    1.Develop and disseminate weekly e-mails to community listserv for the purpose of public awareness.

    2.Development of presentation on concept of “Volunteerism” at the December Healthy Chino Coalition meeting

    3.Design and implement a series of educational workshops for seniors

    4.Facilitate a Lunch and Learn presentation as part of the Healthy Chino Employee Wellness program

    5.Devise and implement an evaluation of Healthy Chino programs evaluations

    6.Implementation of educational workshops for children aged 0-5yrs

    7.Organization and promotion of Healthy Chino activities

  • Fellows

    2011 – Jeannette Hughes, Claremont Graduate University

    2012 – Gar-Wei Lee, Claremont Graduate University

    2013 – Neil Patel, Claremont Graduate University

    2014 – Shilpa Thakar, Claremont Gradaute University

    2015 – Breann De Santiago, Claremont Graduate University

    2016 – Holly McDaniel, Western University of Health Sciences

    City Preceptors

    Claudia Benitez

    Martha Hernandez

    Ben Montgomery & Kelly Witte (2014)

    Jessica Gandara (2015)

Fellow’s Posters

Breann DeSantiagoBreann De Santiago


Click link to download: RLHPF-De Santiago, Poster

Holly McDaniel

Holly McDaniel


Click link to download: RLHPF-McDaniel-Poster