City of Claremont
Healthy Cities Initiative Claremont

  • At A Glance

    Population: 35,143

    Median Income: $78,376

    Median Age: 38.6

    Key Fact

    Claremont has been a winner of the National Arbor Day Association’s Tree City USA award for the past 20 years

    Current Projects & Initiatives

    Creation of an annual health fair for youth

    Community-wide status update in mental health

    Claremont Mental Health Provider Summit

  • Fellows

    2011 – Stefan Gonzalez, Claremont Graduate University

    2012 – Hannah Gordon, Claremont Graduate University

    2013 – Dion Bing Turner, Claremont Graduate University

    2014, Michelle Pecheck, Claremont Graduate University

    City Preceptor

    Alison Martinez

Fellow’s Posters

Michelle Peneck

Michelle Pecheck

In progress.