City of Yucaipa
Healthy Cities Initiative Yucaipa

Recent Projects & Initiatives

1. Employee Wellness Program – This program is intended to service the employees of Yucaipa’s businesses. It is currently being developed by the Healthy Yucaipa Committee, Community Services Department, and the Randall-Lewis Fellow, Viana Vidales.

2. Mile Markers on City Trails – The Healthy Yucaipa Committee, the Trails and Open Space Committee and the City of Yucaipa have been working on the placement of mile markers along City trails and parks to assist users to accurately count the distance that they have walked/run. The first markers were placed in Historic Uptown Yucaipa. The 1 and 1/4 mile walking trail has makers placed within planters along the sidewalk. The next set of trail markers are in the process of being completed at the Yucaipa Community Park and 7th Street Park.

3. Romp, Stomp, and Bark – The Healthy Yucaipa Committee assisted the Trails and Open Space Committee to put on the first annual, Romp, Stomp, and Bark event. This event brought together all types of trail users (walkers, bicyclists, equestrian users, and dog walkers) to view the trails in “their shoes”. The goal of the program was to show the different groups what each other experiences when using the trails and to have the users realize that everyone can use the trails safely.

4. Uptown Stride – 2014 will be host to the 3rd Annual Uptown Stride event. The Healthy Yucaipa Committee created this 1 and 1/4 mile stride in Historic Uptown Yucaipa as a way to get the residents out and walk, but to also allow the residents to take notice of the shops that line the Historic Uptown. The stride is held in conjunction with the Uptown Passport Adventure.

5. Health Walk Series – The Healthy Yucaipa Committee is in the planning stages of creating a Weekly/Monthly walking program. This program will educate participants on the healthy attributes of walking, as well as showcasing the beautiful City of Yucaipa trail system. The walk will also feature guest speakers and other events.