Riverside University Health System-Public Health

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Riverside County Healthy Cities Initiatives At A Glance Population: 2,227,577 Median family income: $60,598 Median age: 32.7  years Key Fact Riverside County is the fourth largest county in the state Recent Projects Riverside County Healthy Cities Network Reference: Riverside County Profile Fellows 2013 - Allegra Weinstein, Claremont Graduate University 2013 - Jessica [...]

City of Pomona

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City of Pomona Healthy Cities Initiative Pomona At A Glance Population: 149,058 Median income: $48,973 Median age: 29.5 years Key Fact Birthplace of Mark McGwire (73 home runs in 2001) Recent Projects & Initiatives Youth and Family Master Plan “Healthy Pomona” General Plan component Fellows 2013 - David Diaz Avelar, Claremont Graduate [...]

City of Chino

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City of Chino Healthy Cities Initiative Chino At A Glance Population: 80,164 Median Income: $59,638 Median Age: 33.2 Key Facts The term Chino is often mentioned in music and television. The city has hosted the filming of movies such as “Back to the Future” and various car commercials at the Chino Airport. Mission [...]

City of Claremont

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City of Claremont Healthy Cities Initiative Claremont At A Glance Population: 35,143 Median Income: $78,376 Median Age: 38.6 Key Fact Claremont has been a winner of the National Arbor Day Association’s Tree City USA award for the past 20 years Current Projects & Initiatives Creation of an annual health fair for youth Community-wide [...]

City of Jurupa

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City of Jurupa Healthy Cities Initiative Jurupa At A Glance Population: 95,004 Median Income: $55,803 Median Age: 27.8 Key Fact “The Newest City In California” Current Projects & Initiatives Safe routes to school Healthy Jurupa Valley Extravaganza! Fellows 2012 - Leticia (Lety) Miranda, Claremont Graduate University 2013 - Joseph Gonzalez, Loma Linda [...]

City of Rim

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City of Rim Healthy Cities Initiative Rim At A Glance Population- 28,912 Income- 40% of households are above $70,000 & 25% are below $30,000 Median Age- 43.3 Key Fact 43% of households are seasonal recreational or occasional-use which means fluctuations in population seasonally Key Projects & Initiatives Rim Communities Resource Network Healthy Communities [...]

City of Rancho Cucamonga

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City of Rancho Cucamonga Healthy Cities Initiative Rancho Cucamonga At A Glance Population: 168,000 Median Income: $81,000 Median Age: 32.8 Key Fact Rancho Cucamonga was home to the first commercial winery founded in 1889 Recent Projects & Initiatives 1. Programs that promote healthy eating and active living • CASA – Bilingual healthy cooking [...]

City of High Desert

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City of High Desert Healthy Cities Initiative High Desert At A Glance Population – 339,492 Median Income - $48,463 Median Age – 30.5 Key Fact The late Roy Rogers retired in Apple Valley Recent Projects & Initiatives 1. Healthy High Desert Initiative: The primary goal is to bring more healthy foods and physical/exercise [...]

City of Pasadena

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City of Pasadena Healthy Cities Initiative Pasadena At A Glance Population- 137,122 Median Income- $58,402 Median Age- 37.2 Key Fact One of only three cities in the state of California that maintains its own independent local health jurisdiction Recent Projects & Initiatives 2013-2016 school/city work plan Infant, children, youth and family master plan [...]

City of Fontana

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City of Fontana Healthy Cities Initiative Fontana At A Glance Population – 199,898 residents Median Income – $57,557 Median Age – 28.7 Key Fact Currently, ranked number 5 in the nation for the Let’s Move! Cities, Towns, and Counties Initiative Recent Projects & Initiatives Steps Along the Way Walking Club – offers a [...]

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