San Bernardino County
Healthy Cities Initiative 

  • At A Glance

    Population: 2,035,210

    Median Income: $53,364

    Median Age: 31.9 years

    Key Fact

    The City of San Bernardino has the most elected officials of any city in California (7 council members + Mayor + Treasurer + City Attorney + City Clerk)

    Recent Projects & Initiatives

    Policy Briefs: access to healthy food & open safe spaces for physical activity

    HSBC Health Hubs Farm Share

    Healthy San Bernardino Junior Public Health Internship

    Health Hubs

  • Fellows

    2010 – Melissa Wigginton, Loma Linda University

    2011 – Tara Vang, Loma Linda University

    2012 – Laura Acosta, Loma Linda University

    2013 – Fayomyi Agboola, Loma Linda University

    2014 – Jamie Marliere, Loma Linda University

    City Preceptor

    Cynthia Luna

Fellow’s Posters

Jamie Marliere

Jamie Marliere

In progress.


Nicholas Barreto

presentation NB final

Click link to download: RLHPF-Barreto, Poster


Kimberlee Handloser

Handloser_Poster Presentation_RLHPF_Final

Click link to download: RLHPF-Handloser,Poster