The Nico Linesch Legacy Fund Scholar

The Nico Linesch Legacy Fund is working with Partners for Better Health by providing support and sponsoring a Randall Lewis Health & Policy Fellow. This sponsorship is a way to honor the life of Nico Linesch and continue the work that he was so passionate about doing.

Nicholas Joseph Linesch life’s work was dedicated to a vision of sustained and healthy living for people in urban environments. He had a deep passion for the spirit of humanity, the great outdoors, and music. Each for him was a layground for curiosity and unbridled exploration.

Partner’s for Better Health are honored be a part of keeping Nico’s enthusiasm for life burning bright through the selection of a fellow who carries a similar passion for making the world a healthier and happier place. Moving forward…and looking forward.

Congratulations to Jorge Barahona A Master of Public Health student from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles on be selected the 2021-2022 Nico Linesch Legacy Scholar

Jorge’s project will be to focus on supporting the implementation of a grant-funded climate adaptation plan. His project will be to help people in Los Angeles County’s most heat-vulnerable unincorporated communities.

The project is focused on educating the local communities about their health, and the effects of high heat environment. Jorge will help educate on the benefits of installing/planting neighborhood-cooling trees. He will be doing his fellowship at Los Angeles County PLACE program.

jorge barahona