About Us

Who are Partners for Better Health?

Partners for Better Health (PBH) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation in formation with the purpose and healthcare design and development to meet the health needs of our regional communities. PBH is a sector integrator, bringing together multi-sectoral partners to work collectively to impact health disparities and improve the health and quality of regional communities.


To assist communities throughout the United States in developing a population-based health system that reflects the health needs and preferences of the segments of our community, with service and access solutions that are appropriate in scale and cost, developed through collaboration and cooperation between the communities and the health sector.


Partners for Better Health (PBH) will lead in the creation of a collaborative effort to understand and interpret health needs, conceptualize and incubate solutions, drawing on the resources of public and private organizations and on the voluntary contributions of people in the served communities.


Partners for Better Health (PBH) started in 2002 when a group of concerned community members made a decision that they wanted their community to be different. They wanted to create a better future. In 2006, PBH officially became a 501(c)(3). Today, the conversation continues. Communities are being transformed; our part of the world is modeling the change we want to see—a new paradigm in health begins.

Our Team

Dora Barilla
Dora BarillaDrPH,Founder/President
Partners for Better Health
Jaynie Boren, MBA
Jaynie Boren, MBAExecutive Director
Partners for Better Health
Heather Allen
Heather Allen Accountant
Partners for Better Health

Board Members

 Angela Coaston
Angela CoastonRN, MSN, FNP,
Azuza Pacific University
Lesa Hiben
Lesa HibenEMBA
Angelica Baltazar
Angelica BaltazarMSW, Executive Director
Lewis-San Antonio Healthy Communities Institute
Mark Gamble
Mark GambleSVP/COO
Hospital Association of Southern California