City of Loma Linda
Healthy Cities Initiative Loma Linda

  • At A Glance

    Population – 23,296 (nearly triples during workdays)

    Median Income – $50,643

    Median Age – 33.7

    Key Facts

    – Known as a Blue Zone with commonly observed longevity exceeding 100 years

    – Healthy Loma Linda is housed in the Assistant City Manager’s department

    Recent Projects & Initiatives

    The three community-identified priority areas that Healthy Loma Linda is working to address are:

    1. Biking and walking safety and active transportation

    2. The food environment

    3. The desire for a town center or university village

    Working groups have been formed for each of these areas. A volunteer-run Bike Hospital, group rides, and workshops have addressed (1) and bike-sharing and car-sharing programs are anticipated for the future. The development of a new farmer’s market, community gardens, farm-share distribution, and an ordinance limiting retail fast food outlets in the city are past and current initiatives for (2). A local street tree endowment and involvement in local planning committees are anticipated to work towards (3).

  • Fellows

    2012 – Andrejs Galenieks, Loma Linda University

    2013 –  Lizzy Foulkes, Loma Linda University

    2014 – Keri Mau, Loma Linda University

    City Preceptor

    Konrad Bolowich

Fellow’s Posters

Keri Mau

Keri Mau

In progress.