City of Rialto
Healthy Cities Initiative Rialto

  • At A Glance

    Population – 100,438

    Median Income – $50,516

    Median Age – 28.5

    Key Fact

    The last orange grove in Rialto, Adams Acres, delivers oranges to Pomona college twice a week

    Recent Projects & Initiatives

    1) Healthy Rialto is housed in the City Clerk’s Office

    2) Ongoing Programs

    a) Little Big One’s Boot Camp

    This is a First 5 initiative for kids aged 0 – 5, which has been running since October 14 2013. It runs till December 18 2013 at the Johnson Community Center in Rialto on Mondays and Wednesdays from 1 – 3 pm and is free of charge.

    b) Kids 10 and Under Tennis Lessons

    This program is offered to kids aged 3 – 10 on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Kids learn hand-eye co-ordination, grips, stroke and other basics of tennis. It is offered on Wednesdays at the Rialto Racquet and Fitness Center, and on Saturdays at the Ferguson Park. It is free of charge.

    c) Kids Basketball

    This is offered for kids aged 3 – 5 from 12 to 2 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Johnson Community Center in Rialto. It has been running since October 15 2013, and ends on December 192013. It is free of charge.

    d) Healthy Yummy for My Tummy

    This program starts on December 4, 2013, for kids aged 3 – 5, and will be offered at the Johnson Community Center in Rialto.

  • Fellows

    2011 – Amando Moualeu, Loma Linda University

    2012 – Laureen Nilo, Loma Linda University

    2013 – Chi Che-Senge, Loma Linda University

    2014 – Rebekah Trules, California State University-San Bernardino

    2016 – Ivie (Queen) Egiebor, Loma Linda University

    City Preceptor

    Barbara McGee

    Mayor Deborah Robertson & Luvina Beckley-Knightly (2016)

Fellow’s Posters

Rebecca Trules


Click link to download: RLHPF-Trulles, Poster


Ivie (Queen) Egiebor

In progress.